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    TS3 Client crashing

    Hi Community!

    My TS3 Client is crashing on a regular basis and I don't know any further.

    It started right after the first installation of the client 4 months ago.
    After every software update I hoped it would get better, but it just stays the same.
    All my friends with Mac OS X have no problems at all, but for me using the TS3 Client is a pain.

    So what is the problem?
    Whenever I use the Client it is only a matter of time and clicks till it crashes. When I just join a server and do nothing but talking I will survive a quiet long time.
    But as soon as I right click and open up submenus or higher functions it is the second or third menu or popup that crashes the whole client.

    I have no idea what to do anymore. I reinstalled every software that could have to do anything with it at all.

    Here are some crashlogs:
    And if you want more:

    For any hint thankful!
    Even if you have exotic suggestions or ideas/experiments to get to it... don't be afraid, I will understand it

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    But... this is the windows section.
    Are you shure?
    I would suggest a Mac OS X Crash Dump Collection thread...

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