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    Solved [solved] how to ban "Unknown from"

    i've got some poroblems with banning a specific user.

    Sometimes a user called "Unknown from" tries to connect to my server but in the same second he disconnects automatically.

    This happens from time to time, somedays it happens 50 or more times a hour, somedays it never happens at all. the serverlog is often full of entries like:

    <11:03:57> "Unknown from" betrat den Server
    <11:03:57> "Unknown from" hat die Verbindung getrennt (disconnecting)
    <11:07:47> "Unknown from" betrat den Server
    <11:07:47> "Unknown from" hat die Verbindung getrennt (disconnecting)

    I already tried to ban the ip: ctrl+alt+b; add ban; but a ip ban just doesn't work. A Nickname ban wont work either, cause the port in the nickname changes everytime he tries to connect. His unique ID is "ServerQuery" so a ID ban wont work either.

    what else can i do? Is there a posibillty to ban all users called "Unknown from" where xxxxx is EVERYTHING?

    thx for your help,

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    That's lookes like an TsViewer who check all 4 Minutes.

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    Add info :

    This not an normal user, but an "Query User".

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    If this server query client is wanted (any Teamspeak viewer, web interface, etc.), you can just disable that you can see server query clients at the TS3 client settings.

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    Just ban the IP and dont ban the port.

    Example: Ban IP "" and dont bother putting the : and the port number, this should prevent any connection on any port from that IP from connecting.

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    thanks a lot to all of you.

    it seems like SmokinShark was right, a serveradmin installed a TsViewer on his page without asking me...i realy should stop giving everbody serverrights^^.

    i've will tried the thing Stefan1200 proposed and now it works perfectly.

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