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    Solved [solved] Problem with Ts3 und Ts3 Php Framework

    Hey guys,
    I've got a problem with TeamSpeak and TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework.
    Alwas when somebody looks at GermanFreeroam i see a "unkown from" connecting to the server.
    But just i cann see that. The other admins and useres don't have this bug.
    I filmed a short example.

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    You see that because your have the good permission (the couple of serverquery_view_power permission) or your are in Query admin group.

    To hide TS3Client => Settings => Options and "Application" part, uncheck Show ServerQuery clients

    This not a Teamspeak bug.

    It depends on what you used (and how) of the TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework
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    You can hide this "Query Clients", its a setting in the TeamSpeak 3 client.

    Its just one mark you have to untick:

    Mariusz aka ginger

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    Thanks guys
    That workz.

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