In short:

With voice activation active, when you press whisper hotkey, microphone should be activated only when you start speaking.

If [whisper hotkey is pressed] AND [microphone is activated by voice activation] then [Start transmiting voice to whisper list].


For now whisper acts like "push-to-talk to whisper list", i. e. without voice activation, what is in noisy environment can cause problems -- because microphone activated immediately after the whisper hotkey is pressed, before you start speaking, thus transmitting even low level noise which voice activation can cut out.

Its would be good to implement "Push-to-select whisper list, then wait voice activation" method -- i. e. while voice activation is active, whisper hotkey should only select recipients from whisper list, not immediately activate microphone. And when whisper hotkey is pressed, voice should be transmitted to whisper list only during the time while microphone is activated by "voice activation".

In TS3 you can bind different hotkeys to activate and deactivate whispers, and in this case this feature would be especially effective -- you can bind switch hotkey to activate whisper, and so you would hear everyone in channel but speak only to whisperlist during voice activation, without background noise between your phrases and without pressing whisper hotkey before you every phrase.

P. S. Sorry for my rudimentary algorithmic skills.

P. P. S. Thank you!