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    Weird voices compared to TeamSpeak2

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using TeamSpeak 2 for quite a long time now. Unfortunately the Linux Client does not really satisfy my needs as I encounter random disconnects every 5-10 minutes.

    Thus some friends (that I see every day in the real world, so I know what their voices sound like) and I eventually wanted to switch to TeamSpeak3. Voices are crystal clear and even background noises e.g. really loud music sound stunningly good.

    Though voices appear to be a bit unnatural. It sounds as if low frequencies are missing which gives people a rather childish voice. o_O
    Is this "problem" related to the client itself or is it a "feature" of the Speex codec?

    In any case, is it possible to make TS3 sound a bit more like TS2?

    Thanks in advance

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    peculiar. Someone else had complained about the voice quality. Can you please record what people sound like and share it so we can have a listen?

    Personally, i know people in real life that i talk over TS3 with and it is spot on to what they really sound like. So aside from my only suggestion of updating your drivers, i would like to hear what you are hearing.

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    /sign that. After our move I could distinguish different people a lot better and those I knew before talking on ts with them sounded just so much more realistic.

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    Okay I have been away for a while and have little TS3 experience.
    However, I may be able to give you a quick answer to this.

    CODECs in general filter sound in different ways to provide you with your needs.

    Gaming in general you want to save as much bandwidth for the game so you use a higher compression (lower bandwidth use) CODEC. This can make voices and sounds more tinny.

    Social Networking in general you want as clear as possible communication and care less about saving the bandwidth so you would use a CODEC that has a lower compression (higher bandwidth use). This will make voices sound closer to real life.

    Try setting channels up for different purposes (ie using different CODECs) a channel for Clan discussions and a channel for in-game comms.
    I think most CODECs names use a number reflecting the bandwidth usage so higher number better sound and more bandwidth used.

    The program that makes use of the CODECs has a much lower effect on the sound than the CODEC itself.

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