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    ToDo List [On Todo] ServerQuery / Telnet interface broken in TS3 server pre beta 30

    I got some error reports from users of my TS3 server bot. After trying around I found out that the problem is the pre beta 30 TS3 server.

    On my Windows 7 - 64 bit system I installed the TS3 server beta 29 (build 12473) and pre beta 30 (Oct 12 / build: 12622). The bot runs without problems on beta 29 and earlier.

    If I run the bot on the pre beta 30 TS3 server, the bot don't get an answer from the TS3 server pre beta 30 after some commands very random, but within one minute after connecting. The connection to the TS3 server uses the loopback device (, so there should be no problems at all.

    I added the logfile in the attachment. In the logfile is the following line:
    2010-10-20 14:24:06.161706|INFO |Query | 1| query from 1 issued: clientlist -away -times
    This line should be there every second, but you can see that this stopped after some seconds. The bot was waiting for answer after the last command, but the bot never got an answer from the TS3 server pre beta 30.

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    The 30-Pre was tested in Cooperation with myself because of using this Bot.

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    i am aware about that bug, its also part of a discussion in the pre beta release thread.

    its kinda fixed in my head already, just not code wise

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    Thumbs up

    Nice to read and hope that the Bot is running again after the next Server Release.

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