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    TS3 Kick/Ban-tool / plugin /script

    Dear Teamspeak community,

    I opened this thread here since I do not have sufficient permissions to open it in the Plugin/Script sections.

    My problem is as follows:

    On our server we are only allowed to ban people for a maximum of 60 Seconds. But from time to time we would like to ban people longer or even permanently.

    Since we are not able to make changes to the server as none of us are server admins and the person who set up the server and gave us the rights is out of reach, I was wondering if there is a tool / plugin/ script that would keep renewing the 60 second ban until stopped or for a certain period of time. This could only be run if the person running the script was online and would not solve our problem fully but it sure would help us alot.

    Does a tool / script like this exist?

    Thanks for your help in advance



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    I have not seen a tool or script for this since you can fix your problem via the permissions. Unfortunately to do that you will need to contact the owner of the server if you are not a server admin.

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