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    TS3 not making a sound. HELP!!!

    I've been using TS3 for a few months now with no problems at all. Suddenly, my TS has stopped making sounds. I can't hear "Connected" when I join my channel and I cannot hear anyone speak or when I change rooms. IT IS NOT MUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reinstalled TS3 hoping this would solve the issue, but it was to no prevail. No one else in my channel is having this problem and we can't seem to sort it out. No one can hear speaking as well. ANY IDEAS?! I searched and could not find any problems like this; unless I missed one.

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    Have you checked your playback profile to verify it is still set correctly?

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    I am having the same issue, under settings>options>capturemode pull down it just says "automatically use best mode" usually it says something like "headset logitech g35" but thats not even an option anymore.

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