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    Problems with Power

    Hello TScom,

    I have a Big Problem.
    Iam a Serverquerry User, and I cant set I_client_modifiy_power and i_permission_modifi_power.
    Sinze latest Update i have this problem. I dont want to edit the database manuelly

    the message that says me that i cant set this variables is "insufficient group modify power"

    please help me
    best regards.

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    As Query Admin you should have all Rights.

    Do you have played on the Permissions?

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    i dont played with the permissons.

    i_group_modifiy_power has the value: 100.
    and permission_modifi_power_ignore is on.

    I dont understand, why after the update I cant set i_group_modifiy_power and I_client_modifiy_power and i_permission_modifi_power. This means: I cant set it on any group. Whats wrong? I have all rights!

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    I know this thread is over 2 weeks old, but I too, have been having the same problem.
    Not a 100%, but it seemed to start happenning after the client update.
    Anyone else???

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