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    Teamspeak 2 Windows client Vulnerability fix

    Yesterday a proof-of-concept memory corruption of the TS2 client was posted on the Bugtraq mailing list.

    A malicious user can send a specially crafted packet packet to the server that will cause a memory corruption on all the All the clients receiving the voice transmission.

    The vendor is not supporting TS2, since 's a legacy version. Users are instructed to upgrade to TS3.
    Oh i see; no support for TS2 anymore i guess fixing the bug will require too many man-hours? right...?
    and we are most likely safe because:
    a weaponized exploit has been developed but will not be released to the public.
    It took me 40 minutes to a write a full exploit of this bug.

    By disabling the "CELP Windows 5.2 Kbit" codec on your server this 'Vulnerability' is rendered to void.

    Can't believe TS2 devs won't even do a effort into disabling that 1 codec to extend the lifetime of their product.

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    Not sure whats gonna happen with ts2 (don't want to use it myself ever again ), but great work! And with this workaround it seems as usable as before.

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    TeamSpeak 2 isn't under development. The developers won't start working on any bugfixes for TS2 . They are fully concentraed on theire current product TS3.

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