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    [Suggestion] New option for hotkey to only process in active server tab.

    Recently I had a user attempting to use my plugin get confused and while attempting to make the hotkey and set it to the build in "previous channel" option in the hotkey options. What was interesting is that because this hotkey profile was active on all tabs he was switching channel on all of them. But, I think that is a bad idea.

    I think it would be a really good idea to add a chackbox option to the create/edit hoykey dialog box to only process if tab is active. It would be easy for the hotkey code to check the serverConnectionHandlerID = getCurrentServerConnectionHandlerID() and if they are not the same just return.

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    We won't add such a feature. Most user use 1 tab at the same time or maybe a second one. In the case, that some hotkyes should not react, on another server. We added the feature to choose the hotkey profile in the bookmarks mamanger. This also counts for users, who think cloning on one server is a good idea.

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    Only more advanced users even use multiple hoykey profiles, for the average user it is just confusing. But an option for a hotkey run again active tab is much easier for them to understand. I see several people on public connecting to additional servers while on public.

    I can say that I'm often connected to 3-4 servers, managing that many hotkey profiles and attempting to not overlap keys would be a royal pain in the..... (well you get the idea), not to mention having to remember a command is this key in one profile and another key in the other profile. I only have 2 hotkey profiles, one default and then one for public.

    I would like to see this re-reviewed, maybe for 3.1. The code to add this would not be that hard, I've done the check part for for when the hotkey is pressed in my plugin already so I have an idea of part of the requirement.

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