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    Headset playback audio doesn't work in TS3

    I want to have my game play through my speakers but have TS voices come through my headset.

    Speakers I can hear voices. So TS is working.

    Playing music, my headset works fine. So it's not the headset that is broken.

    But when I set TS3 to use my platronics DSP 500 as the playback device, I only get a very very faint sound that is distorted.
    I've played around with windows settings and TS settings, and determined this is not an issue of the playback simply being too low. If I turn things up I just get a louder staticy distorting which is still so faint it can barely be heard.

    Even setting the headset to my default playback device in windows didn't change that.

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    Question, can you get TS to work correctly if you set it up to play all audio through the headset?

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    And have you tryed different playback modes under settings > options > playback?

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