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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomguy9987 View Post
    Is there a guide for that somewhere?
    Yes there is a full guide in post #2 in this thread.
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    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomguy9987 View Post
    However, I'm not sure how to connect to our server through it. Is there a guide for that somewhere?
    Well it is as simple as opening a command window (Press Windows Key and the R key simultaneously [Win+R]. In the Box that appears type cmd and hit Enter). Once there simply enter the following:
    telnet 10011
    Where is your server ip. You should see the TeamSpeak 3 Server Query Greeting message and the rest is the same as with any other telnet client.
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    Unable to change default port

    Hi there
    First of all: Sorry it this gets asked a lot but in my defense: yes I used the search option in the forum AND google.. but.. it just does not work. I even read the whole doc file and welp.. no luck.
    However, feel free to merge my thread.

    Soo.. I connect to my server via Putty, login with my serveradmin login and try to change my default port from 9988 to 9987.

    I stop the server, serveredit it to 9987 and restart... BUT.. it still runs on 9988;
    Welcome to the TeamSpeak 3 ServerQuery interface, type "help" for a list of commands and "help <command>" for information on a specific command.
    login serveradmin xxxxxxxx
    error id=0 msg=ok
    serverstop sid=1
    error id=0 msg=ok
    serveredit b_virtualserver_modify_port=9987
    error id=0 msg=ok
    serverstart sid=1
    error id=0 msg=ok
    My client is running in the background so I hear the server shutting down and my client connecting to [ip]:9988 right after I restart the server, so I assume the change never got saved.

    There are other threads in this forum suggesting to use "serveredit virtualserver_port=<port_number>" but..:
    login serveradmin xxxxxxxx
    error id=0 msg=ok
    serverstop sid=1
    error id=0 msg=ok
    serveredit virtualserver_port=9987
    error id=1538 msg=invalid\sparameter
    I rly don't get it. Also most of the posts were from between 2008 and 2011.

    thanks in advance and again sorry if this gets asked a lot


    Jesus.. I don't know if I should feel dumb.. or if this whole query thing is just way to complicated or not enough documented:
    The way I finally got it to work is this -> Connect via putty and enter this:
    login serveradmin <password>
    use port=<my_old_port>
    serveredit virtualserver_port=<my_new_port>
    After that just restart the server.

    Welp.. mods, you can close this. I show myself out..
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    Linux server not start

    My linux server not start
    Is there some way change that tcp port? That 10022.

    ERROR   |              |   |could not bind listening tcp socket on : 10022 Address already in use
    Edit by mod
    As written more than once. please read the how to in my post #2
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    Question change SSH Query Port

    gives for a .ini File entry to change the query SSH Port 10022?
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    Talking Query Port Linux (VPS)

    good evening is it possible to change the query port?
    on VPS Linux
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    Read Post #2

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