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Well to change the port you need to use the server query interface, which is telnet based. As such you will need a telnet client.
Putty is (one of, if not the) the most used one for Windows, which is why you keep seeing it. You can also enable/install the one that comes with Windows if you prefer.

In any case to change the port of your existing virtual server:

Connect putty to your server on the query port (default 10011) and then run these commands:

login serveradmin PASSWORD
use port=9987
serveredit virtualserver_port=9999
After that, just start your server again.
You will have to replace PASSWORD with the actual password that you received when you first created your TeamSpeak Instance. If you do not remember the password anymore, please see this knowledgebase article.
Thanks, that makes sense. We'll just activate the Windows Telnet client since it is simple to do. However, I'm not sure how to connect to our server through it. Is there a guide for that somewhere?