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    Solved [Solved] Hide groups from guest group

    Ive searched around some and found a few topics about this issue, but mostly its a collection of "why would you even want that?" so here's my attempt

    What: Id like to be able to hide from the group "guests" what group I am in, or what my powers are. <- picture

    Why: I'm a developer in a game, and also a player. When I connect to TS I need my "admin powers" so I can kick etc troublemakers, or change channels. Normal adminnish stuff.
    When I play I want to play and be left alone about bugs and whatnots and for that reason I keep the two identities strictly seperate and secret.
    Now, with the old system I could have two accounts and get on with it that way but with the new system, my powers follow me nomatter what name I log in as.

    I and 15 other people are now in the situation of either having to reveal our identities or forfeit the power to kick a nuisance(or otherwise admin the TS server).

    How: What Im looking for is a way to permanently hide all group information from the group guests. I dont want any icons to appear next to my name and if they click me I dont want them to be able to see a summary of me. Nor do I want them to be able to view each other's summaries.

    Hope you can help,

    Yours - Aellya

    PS: alternatively, is there a way for me to use two different identities with two different sets of permissions without having to rar up the file with my unique-id in it every time i swap?
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    You cannot hide this data but you can create a 2nd identity using the identity manager. SETTINGS->IDENTITIES

    Bookmark your server then go to BOOKMARKS->MANAGE BOOKMARKS and left click on your server. Now click the MORE button in the bottom left. In here you can choose what identity to join the server. You can even join the server with BOTH identities.

    You could hide from a guest if you had a channel like AFK that had a needed_subscribe_power that is higher than the GUEST subscribe_power. Now you've got both identities on the server and you can switch server tabs to the identity you want to use but still have your admin powers close by if needed.

    The other alternative would be to grant all the admin powers in your client permissions. Then you could remain in the normal server group but still have admin power. Obviously you'd want a 2nd identity that is in the SA group just in case.

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    You can create as many identities as you like, each having its own unique uid and have different permissions, etc.

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    ah, id missed the identities option, my mistake.

    its a shame you cant hide the information, but this would be a valid alternative.

    Thanks a million for the reply!

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