Hello all,

we had a problem today. One user connected to our ts3 server and play loud music to the channels. I ban him from our server. 60 seconds later he was back. I ban him again. 60 seconds later he is back.

I look in the ban table in mysql

7BF3L0TWUcx3EXY7fANOC/imKEI= 1288961673
Va7gAZlD86FHrytXVkbaifkL1jo= 1288961613
usr+Sp4J5C4D/x0GYfiu3u8TT+k= 1288961553
wbKcoQKs4D6aQEAyPke3x3RikwY= 1288961493
... and so on

he change his uniqueId. So i cant ban him.

What can we do to prevent such people?