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    Lost admin rights / id is correct

    Hi everyone,

    i am running a ts3 server on linux debian since two weeks. But yesterday suddenly i lost my admin rights.

    My user id is still correct and i am in the admin server group, but can't edit the server. Every admin option in the menu is greyed out. The little "S" shows up beside my name in the channel, but i do belong to the channel group "guest" only.

    i recently used a tool called "ccleaner" to get some free space on my hdd (my local pc - not the server) - after its usage i noticed the problem for the first time. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the client, thereafter imported my identity again and made sure that it's the correct one. But no change at all. The problem is still the same.

    Server log shows nothing unusual - no changes in rights or groups, only connects and disconnects and two or three wrong packets:

    2010-11-05 10:14:37.664700|ERROR | | | recieved invalid sized packet

    any idea what to do is welcome.

    thanks & cheers

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    "ccleaner" to get some free space on my hdd (my local pc - not the server)
    sorry - forgot to mention that client is win7. Do you have a clue whats the files name there? and were it is located?

    EDIT: Server is beta29

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    Ok - found it. And it solved the problem. Thanks for your quick help.

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    Sorry to dig this old topic up, but what exactly did you do?

    Might help others when they have the same goddamn problem, like me right now.....

    Edit: I managed to solve it by deleting my C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\ folder, dunno what caused it but that was annoying as fuck.

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