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    Microphone Invalid


    Since the latest TS3 update

    "Microphone Creative SB Audigy (invalid)"

    Message appears in the device capture window.

    I have trawled through the forum and the seems to be no fix for this problem as of yet.

    Any ideas or how I can fix TS3 so it actually works again.

    Ps: the onboard Realtek 1200 chip works ok no invalid message (it sounds terrible though).

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    November 2010
    Our servers are turning over to Ventrillo

    We have too many users with microphone problems.

    Looks like zero response from TS support.

    TS needs to concentrate on core structure rather than the gimmicks.

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    Have you try with the latest version (beta-36) ?

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    Too late

    Our servers are hosting Ventrillo and TS 3

    No one has microphone problems with Ventrillo out of 40 users.

    TS3 20% have problems with invalid or poor sound quality (warbling)

    With new updated TS3 same problem.

    More users will be around this week to test, but I know will we favour Ventrillo.

    It sticks to what it supposed to do with no gimmicks.

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