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    [Bug] Sound and Soundpack

    I encountered some Bugs in the latest Beta.

    1. The Slider to change the Volume of
    the Soundpack, does not have any Effect.

    2. The Soundpack will always play on your
    primaray Output Device, not on the one, set
    in the Teamspeak Settings.

    3. There is a clicking Background noise, while I
    have Teamspeak open. Reverting to an older Beta,
    solved the Problem.

    I am using a XFi Soundcard.
    (More Information in attached DxDiag)

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    Report 1 & 2
    Do oyu use the Default Text to Speech soundpack? You should have search before posting it a s a bug :-/

    These sounds comming from your operation system and your os will send it to the default device.

    The volume also comes from your operation system.

    Report 3
    I can't say, that there is a clicking noice

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