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Thread: Teamspeak Issue

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    Teamspeak Issue

    Hello i am a server admin to a team speak server we have been having an issue with our server shutting down. Then this guy comes in named Team speak User And starts telling me and the ts owner that there are team speak employees shutting the servers down just for the fun of it. I need to know if this is true or not. I have the client IP if needed i just don't want to publicate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer02
    team speak employees shutting the servers down just for the fun of it
    Absolutly and definitly WRONG.

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    Dont think that Teamspeak Systems nor Triton would do such actions.
    Do you host yourself, got it from a Free Hoster or rented it?
    And, what server version are you using?

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    Hilarious No! They would NEVER do that (unless you did something you may not do - host more servers than you're allowed to etc.).

    You need to check either your rootserver or talk to the host. If you have further questions send a PN to me.

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