I'm sure I am not the only one who use service from OVH.

Due to last failures (http://status.ovh.net) there is huge load on routes through central europe (http://weathermap.ovh.net).

What OVH Consultant said:
Regarding poor FTP Speeds, if they are unmetered and it does go outside our peering network then as you know the speeds will be poor. You may also want to look at http://status.ovh.net/?do=details&id=690 - this may affect some of your users as well.
I'm not networks expert and I don't know if TeamSpeak goes "outside peering network" whatever that means.

Anyway loss on server are 17-30% but only Inbound.
As TS users, you can imagine how irrititating this shuttering sound can be. And that happens only @ evenings when load is biggest.

They put information that the plan to fix it at 5-6 December.... (1 month).

Any ideas from devs or anyone else if there's ANY wayaround this tragedy?