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    Problem with, Server Groups overwriting channel groups and vise versa

    So "BOB" has Server Group (ServerAdmin) and Channel Group (SuperChannelAdmin)

    The (ServerAdmin) Group, Can ban From server. With a max of -1

    (SuperChannelAdmin) Group, Can only ban up to 75 sec from server.

    Since "Bob" is given BOTH these groups, The (SuperChannelAdmin) Is overpowering the (ServerAdmin) Group, WHy is it doing this? I go into ServerAdmin permission and i selected

    "Skip CHannel Group permissions" Now, "Bob" is unable to EDIT his channel...
    What am i doing wrong here?

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    In his channels and if BOB have the SuperChannelAdmin group, BOB have the channel group permissions in first.

    In other channels (where BOB haven't the SuperChannelAdmin), BOB have the server group permissions in first.

    Quote Originally Posted by Slicky456
    "Skip CHannel Group permissions" Now, "Bob" is unable to EDIT his channel...
    Because in server group, there is not b_channel_modify_* permissions.

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    How do clients get permissions? How are they assigned?
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++

    The way a client receives his permissions is determined through a 5 layer system. Each layer can overwrite permissions from the previous layer. If a permission is not granted on any of these 5 layers, it will be assumed to be of zero or false value. These are the 5 Layers:

    Tier 1: Server Groups
    Tier 2: Client Specific Permissions
    Tier 3: Channel Specific Permissions
    Tier 4: Channel Groups
    Tier 5: Channel and Client Specific Permissions

    You are in the "Guest" server group (Tier 1) which has the permission b_channel_modify_name set to false. But you are also a "Channel Admin" (Tier 4) and a channel admin has b_channel_modify_name set to true. Since the channel group is in a higher tier than the server group, in the end you *can* modify your channels name (but not that of other channels where you are not channel admin).

    Since Server Groups are the first Tier of permission layers, it is possible that they will be overwritten by a higher tier permission.
    Since it is sometimes desirable to prevent Channel Groups (Tier 4) to overwrite permissions that you received through your Server Group there is the "Skip" flag. If a permission in either Server Group (Tier 1) or Client Specific Permissions (Tier 2) has the skip flag set, this permission will not be altered by any overlapping permission in the Channel Groups (Tier 4) or the Channel (Tier 3) layer.
    From permissiondoc.txt

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