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    Redirecting server ip Teamspeak3 Pls Help!


    I need help with something ..

    I have two internet connections with two routers and two network cards.
    I am currently using the two connections ...
    Here's the problem:
    I need the TS3, use a specific IP.
    In page, I get this IP:
    But I need to use the other IP, which is:

    I Tried this way
    Create a file ts3server.ini

    machine_id =
    default_voice_port = 9987
    voice_ip = 201,231,206,219
    licensepath =
    filetransfer_port = 30033
    filetransfer_ip = 201,231,206,219
    query_port = 10011
    query_ip = 201,231,206,219
    logpath = logs /
    logquerycommands = 0
    Then add the command inifile = ts3server.ini in the shortcut.
    But it did not work ..

    Please Help me! Thanks!!!!

    PS: Sorry my bad english..

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    If it's really your ts3server.ini (I talk about typo), delete the space and write point instead comma.
    Same thing for the start parameter.

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