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    Solved [no bug?] No log when adding offline client to channelgroup

    I added an offline user to a channel group on my server, but it was not logged.

    Also, in beta18 support was added to drag offline clients from the all client list to server groups. Adding support to drag offline clients in the same way to a channelgroup would be great. Adding drop support to the window that appears when you click the Clients button at the bottom of the Channel Groups tab looks to be the easiest way to add to me. Either dropping them on the channel in the left side of the window or selecting the channel and then dropping them on the right side in the client list.

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    I am not sure about this bugreport, adding users via channel group is not availabale in your client version. And this event is logged here.
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    I deleted this post just after I posted when I went to edit with the server build and realized that in moving my server from the house to the VPS I somehow rolled back to a beta28. Who undeleted it?

    And you can add them from the older clients using the query tool of the client. I have the syntax save in my query tool, I just have to plug in the cldbid, cgid and cid.

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