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    Server Groups - API Reg into base group with restricted perms; higher groups break


    We are moving to a new TS3 server and I am working on the setup. We have API registration working, and our users are automatically going into a 'verified' group that every user will be a member of. The problem is that we have restricted this group by negating a number of permissions. When we add people to additional 'higher' server groups, they are not able to perform some of the boolean actions because they are also a member of 'verified'.


    - What is the function of 'Skip' and will it help resolve this?

    - If I remove the negate and essentially remove permission, does this mean that the 'verified' group will not be able to do any of the boolean actions? I believe I tested this and they were still able to.

    - Any other ideas on how to resolve this, other than creating more groups on my server?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help provided.


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    All the information you seek is in the documentation that comes with the server. This is an explanation from Dante for you

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