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    Got problems understanding other people in TS

    Hey Ive been using teamspeak for quite a long time right now and yesterday there was this sudden seemed everyone was lagging on teamspeak. they didn't have any problems hearing me but it was/still is rather hard for me to understand them... i thought it to be very strange and tested it on my second computer and there was the same problem over there too....
    i also thought it could have something to do with my internet...but i can play games online without problems without laggs and even watch videos parallely so my internet should be fine... what the heck is going on? This never happened before and i really depend on teamspeak for my daily training and to talk to my friends since i moved away.

    plz someone save me from this misery...I am going down in RAGE

    greetz SkilledBeef
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    somehow its gone again :/Oo

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