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    [Suggestion] getServerGroupList

    hi all

    i've got a suggestion for the plugin sdk.
    you could add for example these functions:

    because it's possible, that premissions are missing, these functions might fail or give a special return code back or sth like this.

    i think that the current way (requestServerGroupList,...) isn't so good, because you need to use the callback functions. but what's up if the call comes from deep inside the source of the plugin? might be a little heavy to implement it.

    yours tomix

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    UP! need create functions in lua to get and set Client Group.

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    So you need function where they can asing channel group to client by his id.

    Yes i understan but at this time lua can`t asing anything at all! They monitor onEvent by many onEvent function and then can ececute one of comented function in ts3events.lua file in lua plugin.

    Also you can post at sugestion forum to add this function (requestChangeChannelClientGroup and requestAddServerGroup, requestRemoveServerGrpup). At this moment lua can only generate full query for client quest plugin only.

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    As you already mentioned in your first post, getting a list of server groups is already possible by using the requestServerGroupList function.

    If you need the groups "deep inside" your code and don't want to / cannot wait for the callback might I suggest to cache these? Usually the available server groups do not change that often...
    You could use the onConnectStatusChangedEvent to request a list of server groups when you are connected to the server and then use the callback functions that will be called to store the available groups into a variable.
    Then whenever you need those you can use that variable and will the groups available..

    the onServerGroupListEvent is also called whenever a new group gets created or removed so you can use that to keep your internal list up to date.

    The same thing is possible in LUA as well.
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