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    Hi there guys just to recap on old problem i had running ts3 it would crash at launch. now ive already posted dump for that problem but to remind.. was running windows xp ser pack 3 on a sony desktop pc. all of a sudden it stopped working n started crashing. Well after getting no closer to a solution and 2 weeks of no ts i acquired a new desktop its a hp i formatted hard-drive n reinstalled windows xp expecting it to work fine but what do you know lol same crash n a stack more dump files. Any-chance of an explanation would be great guys?thats 2 diff pc's running same os and having same problem, non launch of program. i need to get this sorted n get bk on ts3.would you like new dump files?and can you post me a link to older version of ts3 to try please just to keep me going till developers sort this problem out.thats if its your end n not normally go to archives on homepage-download page but they have vanished.

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    whats the specs on those 2 cumputers ?

    all drivers for all hardware up to date ?

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    hi there hellbound the first pc is a sony VAIO 1 gig ram 160 hard drive intergrated sound card i tried an external but didnt work.cant remember what spec the cpu was but its always worked fine. before. running XP home ed and the one im using now is a hp paviloin 2.8 GHz intel celeron 1 gig ram ddr2 nvidia Geforce fx 5200 graphics card 128 mb again intergreated sound card. XP pro. all drivers are up todate as far as im aware. could you tell me what drivers id be looking at for ts to run so as i can check this though? i just dont get how this could happen on 2 sep pc's ts3 runns ok on my lappy but its real old un lol so cant play me gamewith ts running aswell. any sugestions would be great as im at a loss as to what could be causing it to crash like this before the programs even launched properly..
    thanks in advance

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