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    Deletion of avatars in files/virtualserver_1/internal/ ?


    Is it safe to delete files named "avatar_xyz...." in the server folder "files/virtualserver_1/internal/" or might this cause problems like DB inconsistency or other strange effects?

    The background for my question are some old avatars. One user likes to have his old avatar deleted completely from the server. I know the filename for the image. So can I do this by just deleting the respecting image?

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    No problem, you can safely remove

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    If the "old avatar" is his current, the user should be able to delete it himself.
    If not, the worst that could happen (AFAMK) is you get a "file not found" error when this user logs on.
    Besides deleting the file, you could also update the users entry in the database. Set field "client_flag_avatar" to "" for that user in client_properties table.

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