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    Teamspeak, PHP Framework?


    I'm a PHP Pro, but haven't use any PHP framework till now, so I have no clue on
    how to choose a PHP framework. Do you have some tips to help me choose the/a right PHP Framework?

    I want a stable and secure PHP framework for Projects with about 400 hours development time.
    It should be possible to use the framework on Shared-Hosting-Webservers.
    I don't need some AJAX support (I'm using extJS).
    It would be nice if the framework supports Rapid Application Development
    and object-relational mapping.

    Also some of the standard-functions (Authentification, form validation) would
    be nice. Caching would be a usefull, but isn't needed.

    Needs for a PHP framework:
    - Shared-Hosting-Webserver-Support
    - for Projects between 200 und 400 hours work
    - Developing Modell "Rapid Application Development" supported
    - object-relational mapping supported
    If possible:
    - Caching
    - Already finished Modules (e.g. Authentification, form validation, ..)
    - Easy to learn

    Which PHP framework is the right one I am seeking for?


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    you can get help from w3schools & here you can get lots of other current information about PHP. I m too following this site since last couple of months.

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