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    Solved [solved] lowered volume when mic is transmitting

    Hi all, I'm not new about TS2 and TS3, but I'm freaking out trying to fix a very annoing issue.

    Simply, while my mic is registering (voice activation) the playback profile switches down to a whisper-like volume, making me impossible to listen to other mates and playing with'em.

    Thank you all

    My rig: Win7 x64, X-Fi Surround 5.1 USB, Razer Carcharias

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    Please either remove priority speaker from yourself ( you will have a mic by your name


    turn off echo reduction ( go to settings -> options -> capture and uncheck it.

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    Turning off echo reduction reflects in some esponential echo, but after an hour tuning the noise reduction level, switching off "Automatic voice gain control" and resetting all the remaining options to default seems to partially solve my problems.

    Thank you very much for your hints, I'm a happy gamer now

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