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Thread: Server Password

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    Server Password

    I have a TS3 Viewer module on my a web site but the viewer will allow anyone to join the server. I don't necessarily want that so I am thinking of putting a password on it to lock it and then only our clan members will be able to join. Viewers from the site would then be asked for a password if they click on the join link from the TS3 viewer.

    My question is that when I right click on the Server name and it brings up the Manage Virtual Server screen I enter the password and it asks me to confirm the new password. By confirming this does this also give anyone in the clan the access to the server admin area? Is this what I would want to do or is there another area like the Connect screen then access the "more" area. I am kinda new at this and when the site goes active I don't want just anyone to access it and taking it over.

    Thanks and appreciate any assistance.

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    If you put a password on your server by EDIT VIRTUAL server in your client all you are doing is forcing a client to enter a password to gain access to the server. This has nothing to do with the administration of the server.

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    Thank you

    Thank you for your response and assistance. That is exactly what I was hoping. I just don't want anyone to actaully be able to get on the server by clicking on the link from the TS3 viewer located on the web site.

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