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    Offline Message Notification

    Currently if you have new offline Messages the only thing you will see (or rather not see) is a bold message in the Servertab which as we all know is really messy and fast scrolling on larger Servers (like anything above 50 Clients). The Problem with this is (as indicated above) that you will either not notice the message due to the fast scrolling log or that you wont see the Notification Message due to having the Channeltab selected.

    In order to avoid / fix this Problem I would like to have a Popup message (like a Poke / Modal Welcome Message) that informs you about new offline Messages. Maybe even with a Link or Button to directly open the Offline Messages Window and possibly even automatically selecting the oldest unread offline Message. For those who might not like the popup it could be made configureable (aka Popup / current way) with popup beeing the default

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    Oh ok, thanks for the information.
    though tbh I'd not consider it low priority but anyways. At least it made it on todo

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