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    TS3 and Black ops

    I got another friend whos Teamspeak won't work when hes playing Black ops.. He gets no sound in either program if he runs them at the same time so if he runs black ops he has sound soon as he runs teamspeak he gets no sound if he runs teamspeak and then runs black ops he gets no sound

    Before it would be he would get teamspeak but no sound in Black ops but i got him to update his x-fi sound driver and it worked for a day and then it was back to this problem now.

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    In next days we release (pre-beta 37). This client has a complete new sound system, we hope this also fixes your problem. Hve he tryed another playback mode under Settings > Options > Playback
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    He rolled back his computer i guess a couple of days and now it works so if it does it again he'll just roll it back again but i think thats just a band-aid hopefully 37 will be a more permeanent fix

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