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    Deleted my Admin Server Query clientid:1

    i am using

    Teamspeak 3 Web Interface Beta 2.7 by Psychokiller

    Yesterday i deleted my clientid1 from the admin server query group
    Now i cant use the webinterface any more.

    is there any chance to get the serveradmin with id:1 back in the admin server query group?

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    Only if you have an other ID set to Query Admin.

    If not ... (Fail? ^^) -> Make Server new..

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    It can be done, even without having another account with server query admin (still easy to make any account server query admin from the database). Will require manual database updates and someone that is very familiar with TS3s database.

    Easiest way I can think of doing it would be to create a new database, get the new serveradmin password. open the database review that client's entries. Then open your existing database, verify that cldbid 1 is in fact missing, and manually insert the data that was in the new database for clbdid=1. This data may be in several tables (clients, client_properties, server_group_clients). {note those table names are off the top of my head and may not be the exact name}

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