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    Hotkey Bring Client to Front

    The Hotkey "Bring Client to Front" will minimize a full screen game. I believe this to be unwanted behavior.

    I am not sure of the original intention of this hotkey but i can see its use for multiple monitors. If they have a game on one and TS3 on another, this hotkey would be useful for sure.

    1. Create a hotkey for bring client to front
    2. Open up a game
    3. hit hotkey.
    4. Game minimizes.

    Additional information
    win7 32

    Send client to back does not minimize the game and it may be worth noting that when you send it to the background, it doesn't appear to get selected but if you send the client to the foreground it is selected ( probably the nature of windows ? ). This selection is probably what's causing it to be minimized.

    If a full screen game or application is detected, perhaps you can send it to 2nd in line instead of on top.

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    Zero, I think this is just how Windows works with full screen games. If I press the windows key the game minimizes and then my desktop is shown with the start menu open. If I use ALT+TAB to select a different program to get focus again the full screen game minimizes. I've gotten use to playing in windowed mode for most games to prevent this behavior of Windows.

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    With client beta 37 the Hotkey will ignore, when an application is running in fullscreen. Some games don't come back onto the screen after this action.
    The second level makes no sense, when there is a game in fullscreen as an example.
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