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    Question Random Client Disconnects

    Recently I installed Server amd64 3.0.0-beta30 on Linux Ubuntu Server 10.10, and am having problems with remote clients being disconnected. Here's the issue in more detail.

    Installation went off without much of a hitch. Unfortunately I had to setup a static IP address with my ISP (Qwest) as they started shifting the IP every couple minutes; assuming they were watching the remote connections... After that, I setup port forwarding on the router for the 3 main ports and viola, everyone remotely and locally (for testing), was able to connect. On a side note, I installed a Vent server, to test and compare, which comes in to play here in a sec.

    At first it seemed like everything was fine, but then the remote clients would get disconnected at seemingly random times, and not allow reconnect. I would have to reset the server or the issue would resolve itself in an unknown amount of time and people could connect again.

    I setup my local client to rule out the server, and was able to successfully stay connected in my local network while others externally were getting disconnected.

    Just shy of setting up another router in a DMZ of the Qwest one, I'm not seeing much more I can test on this. Anyone else seen this type of issue, say with Qwest? Perhaps it's an ISP issue, and they're blocking traffic. Not sure, but would really like to get this up and running, and keep it stable. Since I'm able to connect with my local test PC, I'm certain this isn't a software issue for TS. But, for some reason the Vent server I set up doesn't have this same issue. Perhaps that's nothing more than the ISP only randomly blocking the TS ports...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    - Linux Environment: Dedicated, not a virtual machine
    - Linux Server: Ubuntu 10.10 x64
    - TS Server: Linux Server amd64 3.0.0-beta30
    - Clients: Win 7 x86, Win 7 x64, Mac OSX
    - ISP: Qwest
    - Modem/Router: Actiontec Q1000
    - Server purpose: Supporting roughly 10-12 friends max, non-commercial use only

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    Hi, well to get it short, yes it can be ISP, and it can be configuration inside modem.
    First off, clarify for me, I am little out of scope, is the server at home connection or serverhouse(server-room)?
    Secondly what kind of access you have to
    - the modem(/router), that connects your server to the internet,
    - router if there is any between modem and the server.

    Possible reason why vent is up, and ts3 will get in trouble is, fact that one uses TCP(if UDP fails, but not sure) the other one smartly uses UDP only. If future version there is planned a TCP operations as well for teamspeak3.

    as I said to get short, if you happen to see it, disable "DoS protection" on that modem/router.
    If you also happen to see some "Logs" on that modem/router look at them. maybe copy then here, if entry's match times when your clients/friends got first disconnect.
    Same goes for some ts3server logs, or ts3client logs.
    We do not need >3Megs of the logfile, just part will do. ;-]
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