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    Microphone sensitivity not working...

    my friend has a problem, he can talk very clearly but at which point the bar of the sensitivity capture is, it stays the same, so there's a very loud echo coming from him hearing all the others in the channel.
    You can also see that his blue ball is always highlighted, his mic is always 'on'.
    No, the capture is on VOICE ACTIVATION DETECTION...

    What's the problem?? :P


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    Post Re

    I guess that is not your friend at the sound card is set correctly. What operating system it uses? What is the name of the sound card?

    Greeting Sylv!

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    Turn off any Microphone boost within your Windows/Linux control panel for Audio.
    Or tune mic volume in recording Volume control.

    the second part is, Does your friend use headphones or speakers+microphone?
    // One is by default echo sound killer while the other one,.... just works.
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    That's the problem,
    when the mic boost goes off we don't hear him clearly anymore and the echo stays the same sound, same counts for the mic volume thingy...

    Its a headset, no speakers, the echo sounds like if he has speakers on yes but it's just a normal logitech headset...

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