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    Post Search Tool - dynamic change for maxclient

    Hello all,

    I search for a Tool that change automaticly the maxclients of my TeamSpeak Server depending of usage.

    I have a NPL License. So i can create 10 Servers with together 512 slots. My problem is, that the usage of this server changes daily partially every minute. So it could be that one Server is full and need more Slots. Instead of this a other Server have free Slots.
    The Tool should take Slots from an unused Server and give them to the full Server.

    My Introductions for this tool are also:
    - variable Number for changing Slots (for example: enhance about 3 Slots)
    - standard Slotnumbers for each Server (if the usage goes normaly change back to this)
    - individual Selecion for each Server (for example: one Server have not to change)
    - variable request time
    - .... for more ideas amenable
    edit 26.12.2010:
    "- The program may not set the slot number under the current number of users! (That would violate the License!!)"

    Is here anyone who can write something like this? Perhaps more People can have an application for this!

    Greatings Newcomer1989

    PS: Sorry for my bad english
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    For commercial (ATHP) hosters this sort of behavior is prohibited. I am not 100% sure for NPL licenses, but it might very well be prohibited there also. Read the EULA carefully to make sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter View Post
    For commercial (ATHP) hosters this sort of behavior is prohibited. I am not 100% sure for NPL licenses...

    Quote (
    "5.2. Non-Profit License: Registered....
    c. The individual or organization may host up to 512 slots using a maximum of 10 Virtual Servers for their entire operation. Any combination of slots or Virtual Servers over multiple physical machines is allowed, as long as the individual or organization does not exceed 512 slots or 10 Virtual Servers. This is also enforced by the license key which is issued after the registration and approval process has been completed."

    It should be allowed! Its forbidden to use more than 512 Slots or more then 10 Servers. The distribution does not matter.

    Addition to the requirements:
    - The program may not set the slot number under the current number of users! (That would violate the License!!)
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    Thumbs down

    I would bother myself with it only when
    1. users of those virtual servers are from very different timezones.(otherwise at peak times it will be useless)
    2. I am not selling slots
    3. hosting their own ts3server with their own licence, on some cheap VPS program(which are not expensive these days) is not possible
    4. they are admin rockies or came up whining "our server got hacked"
    5. I could not do user-groups separation in one ts3server just with proper permission setup for channels.
    {EDIT user-groups here I mean like Clan-A Clan-B Community-C ... }

    In my case I would go for 5. one. If they would be able to handle 3. one sure why not.
    And no I don't feel the need of coding something.

    So right now, you are out of luck with this thread. Sorry.
    Last edited by Tomas; December 26th, 2010 at 02:52 PM. Reason: small clarification

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    As Peter already stated, this behavior is prohibited to ATHPs. This does not count for the free NPL which means that this kind of modification is allowed for NPL holders (kind of a grey zone), but you should be aware that every slot count modification and virtualserver start/stop action is detected by our accounting service which will make you a target for our piracy team. In addition, excessive use of such scripts may lead to an automatic temporary flood ban of your server instance which will force a shutdown of your TeamSpeak 3 Server.

    In short, I wouldn't recommend slot count modifications at all...

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    use a webviewer for all servers or a webinterface...
    i edit all few days the max. slots.
    if you have only 10 servers, it should be able to edit it every few days..


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