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    Post Search Tool - dynamic change for maxclient

    Hello all,

    I search for a Tool that change automaticly the maxclients of my TeamSpeak Server depending of usage.

    I have a NPL License. So i can create 10 Servers with together 512 slots. My problem is, that the usage of this server changes daily partially every minute. So it could be that one Server is full and need more Slots. Instead of this a other Server have free Slots.
    The Tool should take Slots from an unused Server and give them to the full Server.

    My Introductions for this tool are also:
    - variable Number for changing Slots (for example: enhance about 3 Slots)
    - standard Slotnumbers for each Server (if the usage goes normaly change back to this)
    - individual Selecion for each Server (for example: one Server have not to change)
    - variable request time
    - .... for more ideas amenable
    edit 26.12.2010:
    "- The program may not set the slot number under the current number of users! (That would violate the License!!)"

    Is here anyone who can write something like this? Perhaps more People can have an application for this!

    Greatings Newcomer1989

    PS: Sorry for my bad english
    Last edited by Newcomer1989; December 26th, 2010 at 03:07 PM.

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