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    How to show all virtual servers running on same host

    Hi. I'm running 4 virtual servers on the same machine. i would like the users to be able to see the other virtual servers i am hosting when they join either of my virtual servers. maybe in the form of tabs like when you open another team speak server in another tab. Or a list of the virtual servers that they could click and see who is in that server and join if they wish.

    The reason i would like this is because I play and host several different games. Armra 2, il-2 sturmovik, wow etc. i have a virtual server for each game. if someone joins the arma server and sees there is no one there all he would have to do was click some tab or link to see the other servers and and users.

    Hopefully you understands what i am asking. ;-)

    Thank You. monster383
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    You can use a script on your website (If you have).
    You can use TsViewer website.

    Your users can also use, for some informations, the weblist window (on the client).

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    I sounds like hosting you own site with the team-speak viewer like function would be the best option for you. Its not too hard, I've been hosting a page like that for my users since TS2. Never really finished the update to TS3 for my page.

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    thanks for the input guys. Actually i do use team-speak viewer and do have my virtual servers on my web site

    But a lot of people cant be bothered to check the site. I figured it would be easier for them to have the tabs of the virtual servers when they join any of the team speak servers. I swear I seen something where this is possible, but I have been known to be wrong before ,,lol.

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