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    Solved [fixed?] Offline Messages

    When you click a person's name from TeamSpeak 3 in the "log area" (labelled red in screenshot) and send them an offline message when they are offline, the message does not send.

    The offline message box appears, you type your message and press send, but the message box stays there and the message not been sent.

    I have noticed that this only happens for friends that you click on in the log area. If you go to offline messages in Tools, there is no problem. I believe the issue is being caused when you add a person as a friend, and they later change their name, your friend's name is not updated in the contact lists or offline messages list.

    When you try to send a message through the log area, it uses the name that the person is currently using. It does not detect the name that you added them as a friend as, but uses the current name they are on and and consequently can't detect them and send them a message.

    The issue can be fixed if when you send a friend an offline message, the target is the name you added you friend as. eg. if TS-User later became TS-User1, and you try to offline message TS-User1, it would automatically choose the Offline messages target as TS-User.

    Another solution is to update names as they are changed but this would cause problems as we might not know who this person is after they changed their name.

    Hope you didn't have problems understanding,
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your report.
    The bug has been added in our bugtracker.

    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

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    no worries.

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    Nice to see a "fixed"

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