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    [Help] Teamspeak gives error upon starting and won't open


    So recently I've tried to update my teamspeak recently to the very newest and latest version but when I did so I've been given an error on my screen and after this error I've realized my teamspeak won't open anymore on the newest version client, so I've had to use an older version of teamspeak to talk to my homies / friends. Without this updated version of teamspeak there is a certain amount of teamspeaks that I cannot go to without the latest version.

    Error here:

    If you could help it'd be very much appreciated. I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks very much,
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    Post I can't get TeamSpeak to run

    I get this error and i really need to know how to fix it in simple terms thanks

    ts3client_win64.exe Application Error

    The Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close this application.
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    0xc00007b error

    When I want to open ts3 This comes out

    I reinstalled .net framework, DirectX, C++

    But it isn't fix

    Im am not speaking English, sorry if i dont write it right
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    Hilfe! TeamSpeak Fehler: 0xc00007b

    Hey Leute ich bin echt ratlos, ich konnte seit nem Jahr kein TeamSpeak Update machen deshalb hab ich es gelassen. Jetzt konnte ich aber auf eine TeamSpeak Server nicht mehr drauf weil die eine neuere Version des Ts3 brauchen. Ich habe schon alles mögliche versucht im Internet nach Lösungen gesucht diverse All in One Runtimes herunter geladen und es funktioniert dennoch nicht. Habe jetzt Ts gelöscht neu installiert jetzt kann ich es gar nicht mehr benutzen selbst im Admin Modus wenn ich es ausführen will. Ich habe Windows 7 wohl bemerkt dazu noch. Wäre echt toll wenn einer von euch eine gute Idee für mich hätte! ♥
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    i tried everything

    like literately i tried everything that was written here on the forums, i even reinstalled windows again, i was working with T.S up until version 3.18 and then the last time i opened the software i updated version 3.19 and this nightmare of an error appeared and no it's not my computer's problem , its the inconvenient updates that are the problem, i even installed older versions and it gives me the same error

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    I can't download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015, it make me an error "0x80240017".... How can I do please ? I need to go on TeamSpeak and I can't because of this error "0xc000007b"

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    Solve error 0x80240017 first to solve 0xc000007b.
    Please use Microsoft's forum or Google. This is not a TeamSpeak issue.

    You will find a lot using Google.
    When sending me private messages: Please make sure to include reference link to your forum thread or post.

    TeamSpeak FAQ || What should i report, when i open a client thread?

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    problem with starting TS 3

    Good afternoon, after installing TeamSpeak 3.1.1 and higher, error 0xc000007b appeared, and the program does not start. All possible work was done to fix it (C ++, .NET, DirectX, video card drivers were updated), the system was checked for errors and viruses, the OS was updated. The problem has not disappeared, the error remains stable. Tell me the solution to this problem.
    OS Windows 7 home premium, SP1
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    i tryed all methodes and nothing works. Please help me
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    reinstall TS3 now getting 0xc000007b aplication error

    I did a reinstall of windows 10, that deleted my previous install of TS, now if I install again I get this error when I start up TS.

    please help!

    I got TS working by using the 32 bit install, still hasnt solved my problem for other games that don't now work with the same error after doing a windows 10 repair install but TS is working.
    So im guessing its a sysWOW64 problem with missing DLL files that I cant fix because its locking me out with administrator rights.
    Cheers for the help.
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