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    Mass sel contacts/PM nick disp/Tabs for contacts/Channel group assigned has chan name

    Multiple suggestions:

    Ability to mass select contacts using CTRL (for selecting individual multiple clients) and shift (mass select clients from one to another) in contacts list so that you can mass change the display mode/ignore options etc.

    Ability for users displayed with both custom name and nickname only to show one of these in a private message tab. E.g. a message with client [123]abc ( [] being custom name, rest being nickname) would only have the PM labelled as 123 OR abc, NOT [123]abc. (Or the option to just rename the PM tab).

    Different tabs to sort friends/neutral/blocked (or filter options to hide one or more of these groups temporarily) in contacts list.

    Message <12:34:56> Channel group "Channel Admin (*)" was assigned to "*****" by "*****". includes the channel name it was assigned in, e.g. <12:34:56> Channel group "Channel Admin (*)" was assigned to "*****" in channel "*****" by "*****".

    For people marked as away with their headset muted, a muted headset icon appears next to their server icon/channel icon etc., or their nickname is annotated by your own client to show they are muted (e.g. slightly different shade of text).

    //*End of suggestions*//

    No idea if they make sense, or even if they're any good, but there we go.

    Also I'm only using beta-37, so apologies if any of these have been implemented in 38-pre.
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