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    ToDo List [no bug?] 2nd monitor

    I have a problem with the extended desktop.
    the extended desktop is connected with hdmi.
    when I start TS3, start this and all other TS3 options on the 2nd display.
    but my 2nd monitor / TV is off.
    only my hdmi dolby/dts system is turned on.
    I have to always bring back all ts3 window on the main screen.
    The problem is only with ts3. all other messenger & programs starts on the main screen.
    someone has a plan?
    sorry for the bad english
    thank you! ^^
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    This has been added into our bugtracker. Thank you for this report.


    I think your problem is, that your device is still availbale under windows.
    I can also reproduce it with firefox too.

    I don't think anymore, that this is a TS3 bug.
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    Can you retry this please?

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    sorry for the late response.
    strange that's the problem exists only with TS3.
    Neither Firefox nor any other messenger, or program exhibit this problem.
    No matter if I have the TV off. or just turn on ... TS3 will automatically move to the extended desktop. rather, on the 2nd monitor.
    as I said, the Dolby system is still on ... Whilst I would turn on or turn off the TV, is TS3 on the extended desktop.
    how can I prevent this?

    1st display is the TFT monitor;
    2nd display 40" LCD
    Click image for larger version. 

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    TV ist off

    & now i turn the TV on, TS3 is off & i start TS3

    even if I turn off the TV and TS3, TS3 remains on the extended desktop.
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