So my bf's cousins likes to have us come over to their house often to hang out and play world of warcraft together. I run a TS3 server for both their guild and my alliance guild. I have no problems running my server at our house, but even though we set up the server correctly over at their house (which I am currently at) we can never get it to work! We've already changed the port settings on their router to the 9987 that we were told was needed, open TS3 and go to connections and changed the address to their IP address and it will not connect even though the IP and ports are all correct. The 1st night we came over and set up the server it worked but it stopped working some time that night while we went to sleep and we have never been able to get it to work again. We have been back and forth between their house and ours and our house location will work perfectly still. What am I doing wrong? Could how well or weak their connection is effect my servers ability to run? My bf doesn't seem to know what to do about it and doesn't want to get into trying to find out why it isn't working any more