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    channel type, I miss semi-permanent.

    In the GUI I would like for semi-permanent to remain.

    One of the rumors for its removal that I've heard is that having 3 options didn't look that good. I purpose that you use a slider instead of the option group. The slider should have 3 positions: Temp/Semi-permanent/Permanent. You may also change the caption on the label from "Channel Type" to "Channel Longevity".

    I use semi-permanent on my server for my normal users. I let them create them and not worry about having to recreate it every time they reconnect. Allowing them to create semi-permanent allowed them to disconnect from the server and not waste my bandwidth while idling and many will do to keep a channel. They know to keep a backup of their channel description in case of reboot or upgrade. Also if a normal user stops coming their channel is just gone with next reboot so no extra work for me.

    So far my users are still running beta36 so I don't thing they are affected yet, but I know that the semi-permanent is not in beta38 [Build 13299].
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    I agree, semi-permanent channels were a good feature. I used them for testing certain things, so when I wanted to delete them I could just restart the server. They also are great for what Screech were using them for.

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    we readded it, just a little different gui wise

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