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    ToDo List [not possible] Anyway to block PM's?

    I've recently joined a ts3 server and I really like it but there are some jerks who keep sending me rude private messages. Is there anyway to block a single user or two from sending me private messages? I don't have any access to user groups permissions and what not and I'd rather avoid getting admins involved since it'll just escalate and e-drama is really not worth the time.

    Thank you

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    Right click the user and select Add as Blocked.

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    There is no gloabl setting to block messages from users, without using permission system.
    Maybe this is possible, when the contact list gets an overhaul after the RC1 was released

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    dante, what he is asking for is very possible with the current permissions. He is not asking to stop them from pming other users on the server, just himself.

    By default when you add someone as blocked to your contacts list you will not hear them, see any chat from them (server/channel/private), get any pokes from them, see their avatar or see their away messages.

    If you want to tweek what you are blocking from a user once you add them as blocked, right click them again and select edit in contacts. From there you can select the ignore group in the right pane and tweek what you do and don't want blocked.

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