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Thread: Ban Attention

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    You have a racist admin,what? other people can't go to English talk,i speak English that's not a problem,but your admin [Sgt.Rwe] banned me once again and always when i go to English talk he will ban me,now i have advertised first okay and he banned me for 5 days,okay fer enough,but banning me every time for 1-5 hours when i join English talk,and calling me stupid,and making up other reasons to ban me that's just not okay,here is the log ((Reason: "have a nice evening" Try again in 00:58:23 )),Please i would really like something to be done about this...

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    1: The forum doesn't include Teamspeaks teamspeak server stuff.
    2: try it with screenshots.
    3: maybe you should write a email or pm to one of many supporters.

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