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    Pronunciation of specific words

    On my the TS3 server that my guild runs we are asked to preface our TS3 names with a guild tag so our names look similar to:

    {ABC} Merlin

    (Where {ABC} is the guild tag and Merlin is the TS3 name)

    When I enable Text-to-Speech the TTS engine always reads {ABC} as "Left curly bracket A B C Right curly bracket"... that gets rather annoying. The only way I have found so far is to individually add everyone who logs into the server as a friend then change their personal phonetics (leaving out the {ABC}).

    I've tried a couple things to get TS3 to "always" verbalize {ABC} as something different (either silence or "Member") to no avail. The 1st thing I tried was embedding SAPI XML Tag references in settings.ini but was unable to successfully get <P> or <PRON> to work (probably because they have quotes within the command) although <SPELL> worked. The second attempt was made by attempting to figure out how to manipulate the custom dictionary for SAPI 5... doesn't seem to have a default one without purchasing very expensive software.

    SO..... the question really is.... how do I make TTS always pronounce the word "{ABC}" as you would normally pronounce "member"?

    Thanks for your help,

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    The only way i can see this working is if you got all of your members to set there own Phonetic nicknames which you can do by clicking on self then Set Phonetic nickname which is the one with the Upside down E.... Once in there just type in A B C Merlin without the brackets this way it won't say the brackets this is what we had to do for our Clan as [1stSF/SS] was kinda annoying to hear lol... we have it set up so our members just have there names so we don't hear the tags

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